The Saga of Superman

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Comic, Fiction, Hero


  1. Dennis says:

    WOW, I barely know where to begin. Seriously. There are SO many errors and and so much misinformation here.

    “Joel” Shuster??? No. JOE Shuster. “Glenn” Swan?? No. CURT Swan. Max Fleischer? No, Max was the head of his own animation studio. Max didn’t animate the Superman films (and Walt Disney didn’t animate Mickey Mouse either) or even supply the character model sheets to the actual animators. Who did the model sheets for the Fleischer studios’ Superman cartoons? JOE Shuster. This stuff is about as basic as you can get. Aside from Joe Shuster, who co-created the character with Jerry Siegel, the choices of “Top 5 Superman Artists” are subjective, of course.

    Earth-2 Superman? Foster parents are Eben and Sarah Kent, not John and Mary.

    Ron Ely never played Superman; but he played both Tarzan and Doc Savage. You missed Bob Holiday, who portrayed Superman in the 1966 Broadway musical “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s SUPERMAN!”. You also missed John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher, who portrayed the younger Clark Kent as Superboy in 100 episodes of “The Adventures of Superboy” TV series (1988-1992). Hey, if Tom Welling counts, then they should too (since Welling’s character is never even referred to as ‘Superman’),

    PINK Kryptonite? Apparently causes hallucinations to Kingworks Creative designers who imagine such a thing ever existed. Kryptonite-X (technically, it’s “X-Kryptonite”)? It gave Supergirl’s pet, Streaky the Supercat, super powers. You missed Jewel Kryptonite and Black Kryptonite.

    Number of “official” versions of Superman? WAY more than 5. (Kingdom Come Superman, Red Son Superman, Superman Beyond, and New 52 Superman, to name just a few published by DC.) And Earth-3 has no Superman. His evil counterpart in that universe is ULTRAMAN (created before the giant Japanese superhero of the same name), although there IS a SuperWOMAN on Earth-3.

    I’m tired now, so I have to stop.

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