Uncle Scrooge

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Art Book, Comic, Movies

Scrooge McDuck is a cartoon character created in 1947 by Carl Barks and licensed by The Walt Disney Company. Scrooge is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He typically wears a red or blue frock coat, top hat, pince-nez glasses, and spats. Named after Ebenezer Scrooge from the 1843 novel A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is a wealthy Scottish American business magnate who is characterized as a greedy miser. He is the maternal uncle of Donald Duck.

Scrooge was created as a comic book character, first appearing in the 1947 Four Color story “Christmas on Bear Mountain” (#178). Initially a supporting character in Donald Duck stories, he soon became a major figure of the Duck universe. In 1952 he was given his own comic book series, called Uncle Scrooge, with still runs today. Scrooge was most famously drawn by his creator Carl Barks, and later by Don Rosa. Comics have remained Scrooge’s primary medium, although he has also appeared in animated cartoons, most extensively in the television series Duck Tales (1987-1990).

Along with several other characters in the Disney franchise, Scrooge has enjoyed international popularity, particularly in Europe, and books about him are frequently translated into other languages.

Although never confirmed by Barks, it is possible that Scottish industrialist Andrew Carnegie, who left his country for America at age 13, served as a model for Scrooge who also immigrated at 13. Another possible inspiration is an unnamed character in the 1943 Donald Duck short film The Spirit of ’43 who was a representation of Donald’s thrifty conscience. The character had many of Scrooge’s characteristics including sideburns, pince-nez glasses, and a Scottish accent.

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