Get the Best Airplane Seat

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Airliners, How To, Travel

1. Request bulkhead seats'those behind the dividing walls of a plane'or a seat
by one of the emergency exits if you want more leg room.
2. Choose an aisle seat for easier access to the overhead storage compartment
and lavatories, as well as for faster disembarking.
3. Consider sitting near the lavatories if you are traveling with children.
4. Opt for the back of the plane if you want to sprawl out; there are usually
fewer people in the back.
5. Sit toward the front if you want to get off the plane faster,
which could be important if you're trying to make a tight connection.
The front of the plane also tends to be a quieter ride.
6. Choose a seat toward the wings, which are the stability point for the plane,
if motion sickness is a potential problem.
7. Sit near the galleys if you want early snack, beverage or meal service.

Tips & Warnings
– If you’re traveling with a companion, reserve the aisle and window seat of
a three-seat row. Because middle seats are the last to be sold, you have
a good chance of having an extra seat.
– Join a frequent-flier program to increase your chances of getting a good seat on the plane.
– Exit-door seats must be filled by passengers willing and able to help people in an emergency
situation and may not be available for reservation. Check with your airline agent.

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