Spiral Rollers Drive Odd Speed Boat

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Cool, Creative, History, Retro, Science

CLEAVING the water at express-train speed, a propellerless power boat of new design may shatter existing speed marks if it fulfills the hopes of its West Easton, Pa., inventor. Its slim hull rides upon three buoyant, barrel-shaped rollers, of which the forward two are connected to the power plant and revolve at high speed. Helical fins, encircling them, sweep water astern and drive the boat forward. The water is also driven to each side, so that at high speed a trough is formed beneath the hull.

Outriggers shaped like airplane wings support the rollers and provide a lifting effect that aids the boat in skimming the surface. A freely rotating, fluted pontoon, that diminishes friction, supports the after end of the boat and a conventional rudder is used for steering.

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