Captain Kid Gun Game

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Arcade Game, Cool, Games

This isn’t a Pinball game of course, but it is an EM gun game that is somewhat simple (some would call it “cute”) that features several items to shoot such as the captain, pirate flags, ships, and parrots (poor parrot, I mean shoot the parrot? jeez). I got this game from my pinhead buddy Jim Swenson for a good price and although it had a sketchy power cord we were scared to handle, it didn’t work until Jim started trouble shooting it and found a contact gapping problem. A couple tweaks later by Jim and the game would turn on and play. It also had a problem with the flags raising up and down, but I later discovered that was due to someone cutting the wires that went to the relays that controlled the flags moving up and down. I still haven’t fixed the flags yet, but I’ll get around to it. It also had a broken rifle stock but Jim had the piece that was broken. I drilled a hole through the stock and reattached the stock while using a 3/8″ dowel to make sure it was solid and wouldn’t break again. The game cleaned up well and wasn’t as heavy as other gun games I’ve moved in the past (400 pound games).

It was released by Midway in September of 1966 and is 24 inches wide, 33 inches deep, and 67 inches high. It would take quarters for 20 shots and give 10 extended plays if you top the setting for the high score to beat. The gun also has a “recoil” effect and features a bell that dings when a target is hit. The game will start with regular lighting with the parrots and ships spinning and a pirate that moves back and forth. When a target is hit, it falls down. After 10 shots are made, the regular lighting turns off and a blacklight turns on which illuminates the various blacklight sensitive colors. When the blacklight comes on the pirate disappears and the spinning “wheel” of ships and parrots continues to spin with a flag raising on one side. When the flag is hit, it falls down and then goes back up again. If the flag makes it to the top without being hit, it falls down and another flag goes up on the other side of the game. My game doesn’t have the quarter coin mech but instead has a dime coin mech.

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