Iron Maiden’s Flight 666 Hits Theatres

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Aircraft, Commercial, Movies, Music

The film is the British premiere on April 20, 2009 with the band and crew members joined the event filter. The next night, the film is simultaneously found in more than 450 screens in 41 countries around the world. This is the biggest launch worldwide simultaneously a documentary film, only digital prints, not the more common 35 mm print is usually shown in theaters. The film is making history with this unique digital cinema shows the DLP. This film has been produced fever word of mouth, including the marketing of additional radio for digital production. With the amount of publicity, flight 666 has a two-night coverage of prestige in the world. In India it was released in 7 cities in PVR pictures May 8, 2009, playing in 20 theaters for at least two weeks, so that the most common version for documentaries in this country.

“Taking you on a visual global tour from Mumbai to Sydney, Tokyo to LA, Mexico City to Costa Rica, Bogota to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Puerto Rico, New Jersey and Toronto and places in-between, you are traveling with the band and flight crew, to and from shows, in bars and during leisure time, while experiencing the chaos and exhaustion fan that comes with such a mission FLIGHT 666 (airways aviation official nickname). reveal how the unique idea of this tour actually came about and how modify complex plans into reality documentary also includes some live footage of the most spectacular yet seen this band, filmed at all locations and so on .. If you want to see in this story is truly unique and tours around the world, will take you to places you never imagined, Maiden fan or not, this is your chance. “

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