Jupiter 2

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Art Book, Future, Space Travel

  1. roberthenryfischat says:

    sid meier’s alpha centauri.good strategy game.

  2. Enzo Gabrielloni Rossi says:

    O jupiter 2, é enorme. Sera que existe

  3. 1 The New Space Ship Jupiter -2 Should be Built by Certain Date , is )(October,5th 2097 A.D too! )Discission for N.A.S.A Space Progrom too! Called the First Star Ship to Reach thev Nearest Star too! is 4.3 Light Years Away is one Trip true!!! This Space Craft will travel at Light Speed of 0.75 % Speed of Light Crusing Speed too! The top[ Speed is Speed of Light too! 190,286.7519 Miles per Second too! At Maxium Peak Speed Limit for the Orginional Space Ship of Lost in Space Mivie too! The Jupiter-2 is 1/3 Bigger Then the One on T.V. Series true!!! It has more powerful Rector Units is two too! One on the T.V Series too! It Taavels at 0.25%Crusing Speed too! Faster then the Jupiter-2 on telivisions Series too ! True!!!

  4. 1. Jupiter-2 Space Ship is 1/3 Bigger too! It will Travel at 0.75 Light Volicity Speed too! Top Speed is , Speed of Light too! 190,258.1759 M.P.S too! This Ship will be Built by October,5th 2097 A.D too! Agreed!

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