Japan’s Adapted Airport Terminal

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Aircraft, Airport, AVIATION, Commercial, Cool, Creative

You’d be forgiven for thinking the ladies in the photo below were
employees behind the check-in desk of an airport, but they aren’t.
They’re actually staff working behind the information desk at Airport
Walk in Nagoya, a shopping mall which was opened in October 2008 in a
disused terminal at Nagoya Airport in Japan.
Rather than knock the building down after its international flights
were transferred to the region’s newer airport, authorities decided to
convert the existing building instead, resulting in a very unique case
of adaptive reuse..
The mall boasts 73’000 square metres of floor space, 135+ shops and a
cinema which is connected to the shopping area by way of what was
originally a passenger boarding bridge.
As if shopping wasn’t enthralling enough, the buying public now have
the added excitement of planes taking off and landing nearby as they
hand over their cash.

Terminal side entry

Old departure information retained at the info counter

Typical scenes for anyone who has seen a recent Japanese mall

What makes this mall very different though is that the former
International departures hall now doubles as a food court and funzone
for kids

Not to mention that from the former boarding areas the runway can be clearly seen

A look outside in the other direction reveals why this airport was
disliked by many – its literally surrounded by high density

AirportWalk even retains the old observation decks from the terminal

A zoom over to the terminal area revealing mysterious VP-CBA, commonly
seen around the world but whose precise owner is unknown, as well as
the usual JAL CRJ-200 and ERJ-170 aircraft.

Komaki’s 1970s vintage control tower

Around the field there’s a variety of interesting traffic…

JASDF KC-767 tankers

JASDF C-130 transports

JASDF executive/search and rescue transports (U-125A but actually Hawker 800)

Mitsubishi’s modified MU-300 special research aircraft

Various helicopters (if you’re into that kind of flying…haha)

Komaki’s several hundred year old castle can be seen in the distance as well

A quick shot from the parking lot as a CRJ lined up on runway 34 –
quite different from the heavy jets that would’ve been seen just a few
years ago

A few views from the runway side mall parking lot – probably the best mall parking in the world

JA202J departs for Yamagata just before sundown

A gorgeous Beechcraft A36 Bonanza lonely on the ramp

Not a bad place to spend a day shopping at all – and definitely one of
the best examples of large-scale adaptive land re-use anywhere!

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