Yuma Asami

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Yuma Asami (麻美ゆま, Asami Yuma?) is a Japanese adult video actress.
Beginning in 2005 Asami appeared in AVs for Alice Japan and S1 No. 1 Style. Her
adult videos have won first prize in Japanese Adult Video Awards, and she has
won awards as an adult actress. She has also appeared in soft-core
“gravure” videos, V-Cinema, pink films and TV dramas.



Life and career

S1 and Alice Japan

Asami was born in Tokyo on March 24, 1987 and made her AV
debut in October 2005 at the age of 18. She has been under contract from 2005
with two large Japanese AV studios, Alice Japan and S1 No. 1 Style. She has
made about one movie a month for each of them since the beginning of her
career. Most of her videos with S1 have been with director Hideto Aki. Both
studios specialize in the “softer” type of pornography with straight
sex scenes involving a solo actress, little or no storyline, and an avoidance
of the more extreme activities of Japanese porn.


Asami has been involved with a number of unusual projects
for Alice Japan, mostly with director KENGO. Among these are Amateur Actor
Audition – Yuma Asami, released in 2007, where she interviews 10 potential AV
actors between the ages of 19 and 41 and tests their abilities by having sex
with them. On the opposite side of the coin, in the 2008 video AV Actress
Audition – Yuma Asami, she acts as the company rep interviewing 10 aspiring
actresses. She has them disrobe, masturbate, and even take part in fellatio and
sex scenes with actors with some coaching in technique from Asami. In another
video from 2008 (Number One Idol Yuma Asami Produce Real Virgins) she meets
specially selected “virgin” fans who are gently initiated into sex by
Asami. In the 2008 video Hypnotic Pleasure, the plot has her being hypnotized
and made to do various embarrassing things including engaging in sex acts while
believing she has never had on-camera sex before, and in a further 2008 video
(Yuma Asami and 100 Onanists), she inspires and occasionally lends a helping
hand to “100 eager and willing fans” while they masturbate.


Softcore films

Outside of her hardcore video activities, Asami has also
made several “gravure” videos, which are essentially glamour films
which may include nudity but no sexual acts.

She was the star of the softcore direct-to-video (V-Cinema)
erotic action flick Ninja She Devil (妖艶くノ一伝 ~鍔女篇, Yoen kunoichi den tsubame hen?)
directed by Yoshikazu Katō and released by GP Museum in October 2006.

In another genre, she was also in an erotic horror pink film, Yojo Densetsu Seiren X – Masho no Yuwaku (妖女伝説セイレーンX~魔性の誘惑~), directed by Hideo
Jojo and co-starring Japanese AV actress Yuria Hidaka. In the movie, which premiered in Osaka April 2008, Asami is the mysterious and deadly proprietess of an inn. The film was released as a DVD in October 2008.


TV drama

Asami was in the J-dorama Shimokita GLORY DAYS (下北GLORY DAYS) along with fellow S1 actresses Sora Aoi and Honoka. The 12 week series
aired on TV Tokyo beginning in April 2006. She plays the character Komori Miha
in the series which is based on the manga of the same name and revolves about a
ronin student moving to Tokyo and sharing a house with several beautiful women.

 Other activities

Asami showed off her singing voice by releasing her first J-pop CD, Resolution in January 2008. The CD comes packaged with a bonus DVD
which includes images, a making-of video and a music video.

She has also been active in advertising making promotional videos for the adult website Tospo.jp with the QR Code for their site covering
her breasts. She also appears on a T-shirt marketed in a collaboration
between Cex Work, a new company started up by photographer Yasumasa Yonehara, and
the apparel label THE MASK. The T-shirt, released in October 2007, featured a
semi-nude photo of Asami taken by Yonehara.


Popularity and

Asami has been one of the most popular actresses in Japan since her debut and regularly places at the very top in DVD sales and rentals.
The DMM website listing of the top 100 AV actresses by sales ranked her as #1 in
both 2006 and 2007.


Asami was recognized by AV fans for her work by winning
the Grand Prix award at the 2006 AV Actress Grand Prix. In 2007 her S1 video Hyper Risky Mosaic – Special Bath House Tsubaki made with 11 other S1 actresses won the First Place Award at the 2007 AV Open competition. In addition,
at the annual 2008 Adult Broadcasting Awards (combined with EROIDE女祭り2008 or “Erotic Ladies Festival”),
a competition for the hottest actresses from adult TV channels on satellite broadcaster SKY PerfecTV!, Asami won
the award for “Most Appearances” in 2007. She wowed the crowd by bending over several times to expose
the tops of her breasts. Her November 2008 video Double Risky Mosaic, Rio & Yuma was the S1 entry in the 2009 AV GrandPrix where it won the top GrandPrix Award as well as taking the prizes for DVD Sales
and Package Design, the Retailers Award, and the Best Featured Actress Video Award.

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