Umeda Sky Building 梅田スカイビル

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The Umeda Sky Building
(梅田スカイビル, Umeda Sukai Biru) is the
seventh-tallest building in Osaka City,
Japan, and one
of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. It consists of two 40-story towers
that connect at their two uppermost stories, with bridges and an escalator
crossing the wide atrium-like space in the center.

Located in the Umeda district of Kita-ku, the building was
originally conceived in 1988 as the “City of Air”
project, which planned to create four interconnected towers in northern Osaka. Eventually, practical
considerations brought the number of towers down to two.

The 173 m (568 ft) building was designed by Hiroshi Hara. It
was constructed by Takenaka Corporation and was completed in 1993.
The building features a rooftop observatory, The Floating
Garden Observatory, as well as an underground market that attempts to recreate
the atmosphere of Osaka
in the early 20th century. At the base of the towers is an urban garden with walking
trails and water features.

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Facilities of Umeda  Sky

Floating garden observatory

44053356DSCN0126.jpg picture by SLEETAPAWANG

The observatory is located on the top floor and allows
visitors to go out on the rooftop, a rare opportunity in Japan.

The symbol of Shin
Umeda City.
A spot with a glorious view from 170 meters above ground level.

To a higher and wider world… In all the history and
tradition that have ever existed on our planet, there have always been a lot of
buildings that aimed to tower into the sky.

Mankind has always admired the sky and has lived dreaming of
reaching it somehow.

The floating garden of Umeda Sky Building is an oasis of consciousness
that has turned this dream of mankind into physical form. People and the
natural environment unite, and people come together, all of them with each
other, and they eventually become one universe. In the floating garden, 170
meters off the ground with a 360-degree field of vision, you can let your
spirit gambol into the future.


This is the only place in Japan where you can go outside on
the rooftop and command a 360-degree outlook.

Floating Garden Observatory Usage Guide

Business hours, etc.


10:0022:30Last admission 22:00*


* Business hours are extended according to the season.

Business day

Open seven days a week*


* There are special holidays for periodic inspection.




Junior, Senior High School Student

Elementary School Student



700 yen

500 yen

300 yen

100 yen

10 to 99

630 yen

450 yen

270 yen

90 yen

100 or
more people

560 yen

400 yen

240 yen

80 yen

with disabilities

400 yen

200 yen

100 yen


500 yen

Schools, Groups

Senior High School Student

Junior High School Student

Elementary School Student


10 to 99

400 yen

300 yen

200 yen

50 yen

100 or
more people

350 yen

250 yen

150 yen

50 yen

・       Senior citizens are 65 years old or more,
and infants are 3 years old or more.

・       People with disabilities need to show
their disabled persons’ notebook.

・       Tour conductors may enter free of charge.

・       As for the teaching staff of a
school with 10 students or more, the first person is free of charge from
group of 10
(a certificate is required), but an ordinary fee will be charged
from the second person

of payment

Except when using coupons (limited to those contracted), payment
must be made in cash. (When a tour conductor is in attendance, 10% of the
amount of payment is returned as a commission.)


Go to the reception counter for admission into the floating
garden observatory on the third floor of Umeda Sky Building Tower East (the
East building). After the fare adjustment according to the number of visitors,
admission tickets are issued.

Movie theaters


Good-quality artistic movies are shown at the two theaters—”Umeda
Garden Cinema” and “Cine Libre Umeda.”

Restaurant street

There is the Chinese restaurant “Sangu” on the 39th
floor, and on the first basement floor, the “Takimi Lane of Restaurants” that reproduces a street from the early Showa era.


The automobile and household interior showrooms display the
latest products.


Clinics such as internal medicine, ophthalmology, and
dentistry serve to protect the health of office workers.


Companies have settled in the building as tenants and about 6,000
people are employed here.

Outline of Shin
Umeda City
Umeda City
was completed in 1993. At
its core is the Umeda
Sky Building,
a “pair of skyscrapers connected in midair” built in an unusual
architectural form rarely seen in the world. The skyscrapers are equipped with superior safety measures
such as earthquake-proofing and disaster protection, and have a floating garden at the top. With the passage of time, the
half-mirror glasses that cover the building reflect the sky on their surface, so
that the building seems to become one with the firmament and it looks as
if the garden is alone, floating there in the blue. “The Westin Osaka”, a top grade city hotel
adjacent to the building, is a favorite with VIPs world-wide. In the Shin Umeda City, developed under the theme of
coexistence of city and natural environment, we find the “Chu-Shizennomori”,
a natural forest created to symbolize the earth—in line with the concept of the
integration of the city with the natural environment. Small animals already
live there, and the circulation of life as an ecosystem is functioning. One sight to see is the “Hanano”,—one
hectare of flower garden where, right in the middle of the city, flowers
bringing the wilderness to mind are in full bloom throughout the four seasons. As a recreation area for the
people, the Shin Umeda City
entertains and gratifies its visitors.

Located within 10 minutes walk from the main rail terminal
in Osaka, it
has become a popular new spot that attracts more than three million people a

Popular culture

The Umeda
Sky Building
was featured as a renovated skyscraper in the computer game Simcity 3000.

The Floating Garden Observatory in the Umeda Sky Building was visited in Leg 10 of
Amazing Race 12.

Shin-Umeda-City-01.jpg picture by SLEETAPAWANG














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