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Most Elegant Proposed Skyscrapers

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Future

The Leaning Skyscraper has Graceful, Wavy Curves

It seems, that architecture in Dubai

sprouts every possible shape and form known to man – plus reaches
the lofty heights in new and proposed high-rises – but this one is

probably the strangest of them all:

The Wave Tower, Dubai

Ignacio Garcia from A-Cero
(Joaquin torres Architects) firm in Madrid,
Spain, has designed and
proposed a high-rise tower for the Dubai waterfront.
The project has
been already mentioned in specialized press, but we think
the design is
particular and sexy enough to captivate anyone who is slightly
interested in architecture.

first skyscraper for the Dubai Waterfront, the latest and biggest
the urban developments on the UAE coast, has been named The Wave Tower.

stands like a stylized stem with a light torsion, creating
the elegant
movement that characterizes the form of the shape of the building.
base has the form of a pointed arch with smooth bends,
imitating the
waves in the Gulf Sea.

The structure is solved with "V" form
unions between the different parts
in the plan view, its center space
is occupied central core by the installations
and elevators. Interior
sky gardens are present in all the common zones,
distributed on
different floors, improving the air quality and working as
temperature regulators."

Madinat Al Arab District, a zone under development that
is expected to
become the new downtown and central business district of Dubai.
Height: 92 floors, 370 meters
Materials: Double skin facade made of silk screened glass for solar control.
Uses: Mixed use (commercial, offices and high end residential).

The same architectural firm A-Cero created very imposing street-level
GIBO project in Madrid:

Pentominium – to the clouds and beyond

Looks like the previous project will nicely complement already
almost finished Pentominium
by Trident International Holdings in Dubai.
Just look at the view on
artificial island archipelagos –
from a swimming pool, or open bar:

This is officially the highest condominium tower in the world.

Ecological Tower in Siberia

Foster & Partners
reveled designs for ecological tower in Siberia,
Khanty Mansiysk: an
elegant crystalline form, which blends well
with the epic Siberian

tall tower is faceted like a cut diamond, designed to
maximize daylight
through the winter months, reflecting and
refracting natural light to
illuminate the interior spaces." (more info)

Crystal Island, Moscow Russia

Same company Foster & Partners
is proposing a mixed-use unique
structure 450m high only 7.5 km from
the Kremlin: "The building’s
form spirals upwards in converse
directions to form a diagonal grid,
and the spiraling geometry extends
throughout the project into the park."

Over in Germany: Fantastic Ball Shape

European Central Bank in Frankfurt will have a somewhat recognizable
shape of a coin, designed by United Architects.
This proposal might turn out
to be too radical for the tastes of highly
conservative bank,
but it’s still spectacular competition entry: (more info)

Even Stranger Shape: Euroscraper

(by Munoz Villers) has a strangely looping form, which apparently
reduces resistance to wind, and provides better light for green spaces
Again, this is only award-winning entry in the competition, but
we are rooting
for it mightily, wishing such fantastic (and audacious)
structure might some day
be built. (More info)

following buildings and structures can not be called skyscrapers,
we get excited to see them in concept stage, a testament
to current
abundance of creativity in modern architecture:

The Scala Library, Copenhagen

Another proposed European project: a "Turning" Tower in Copenhagen,
designed by BIG. The tower’s shape will integrate well with other prominent
spires and cathedrals of the Old City. (More info)

Highly Individual "Portrait" Architecture

Airport Hotel & Conference Center for Stockholm, Sweden, designed
by the same company BIG, looks like a portrait, or face engraving,
floating over the forest.

Apparently the lighting of various "faces" is dynamic can be changed:

Very cool apartment building complex is proposed by
the same company for Kiev, Ukraine:

Dearh Star Hotel in Azerbaijan Is No Moon

This 521-foot-high hotel is coming to Baku, Azerbaijan, either to host
a bunch of Imperial forces or obliterate the local population with a
giant death ray. They call it "Full Moon" but they are not fooling us:
this is a fully armed, fully operational battle station. And it shall
be destroyed before it’s too late, with a bunch of
small fighters that can escape its turbolasers and drop proton torpedoes down an exhaust port. Or maybe not, if you look at it from its side.

1357FullMoonRising_pic1.jpg Death Star Hotel in Azerbaijan picture by SLEETAPAWANG

1357FullMoonRising_pic4.jpg picture by SLEETAPAWANG

1357FullMoonRising_pic5.jpg picture by SLEETAPAWANG

1357FullMoonRising_pic2.jpg Death Star Hotel in Azerbaijan picture by SLEETAPAWANG

1357FullMoonRising_pic3.jpg Death Star Hotel in Azerbaijan picture by SLEETAPAWANG

Mile-High Skyscraper "City" proposed for East London

Super-high 500 floor skyscraper is proposed to be built by UK company, Popularchitecture. Housing 100,000 people, it would also include schools, hospitals and unique "holes" for the green public spaces. (more info)