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Doraemon Flight Sim

Posted: February 24, 2008 in เกม

Zelda is not the reason why I love my Wii
very much. The main reason is the wireless controller and the idea of
moving our hand / body to control the character on the screen, which
gives a realistic in-game experiences. Well, if you’re with me, then
check out the cool game from Epoch. Not sure what the game’s name, but
basically, it’s a Doraemon Flight Sim with a helicopter hairband as the
controller! That’s right, in this game, you have to wear the hairband,
and move your head in any directions to move the character. Pretty
cool, isn’t it?

Not sure about the pricing. And it looks
like the Doraemon Flight Sim is a stand-alone game. Too bad. Well,
trust me, Epoch… I’d definitely buy it if you ever port it to Wii. I

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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PlaneAmerican Airlines flight 92 Shannon – Dublin Plane

Lined up RWY6 EINN

American 92 Heavy lined up ready to go, runway 06 at Shannon

American 92 rotating

Free as a bird . . . American 92 rotates off RWY06 at EINN

American Airlines 92 leaving Shannon

American 92 leaving Shannon behind

American Airlines 92 climbing

Climbing out from EINN to flight level 230.

Climbing to FL230

This beautiful bird, N380AN, a Boeing 767-300ER, climbs to cruise between EINN and EIDW.

Cruising in cloud

Cruising towards Dublin among the clouds

Bue sky cruise for American 92

It’s a blue sky cruise for American 92 at FL230.

Fly me to the moon

Fly me to the moon!

Graceful flight

It’s all about lift and airspeed. Cruising at around 345 KIAS.

Intercepting localizer at EIDW

American 92 intercepts the localizer for runway 28 at Dublin Airport.

Short finals for 28

American Airlines 92 Heavy on short finals for runway 28 at Dublin Airport.


A smooth touchdown delights the passengers on board American Airlines flight 92 from KORD to EIDW via EINN.

On runway 28

Spoilers and reverse thrusters will soon bring this beautiful beast to a crawl on runway 28 at Dublin.
American 92 at the gate

Safely at her destination . . . after shutting down, the Captain and First Officer disembark onto the green isle.

Cute Vintage Album Covers

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Good Source of Old-Fashioned Optimism

There are a lot of places on the web where you can see
"the ugliest LP covers", or "the weirdest LP covers"
here, and here, for example) There is also a good site

for "cheesecake", or glamour album covers.
In this post we decided to
collect simply the covers that we like,
on some subconscious level,
either because of their strange themes,
or just because they’re cute.
Or just because… In any case, enjoy.

There is a music for anything –

Would you like to listen to business letters?

or to airplane noise?

Time to bring out the pretty girls:

Cuties pop out in all kinds of places:

Be careful with these Katz brothers:

A few classics:

Album art by the great artist Richard Powers:

This guy seems to be a little distracted:

Interesting view on Paris:

Truckers, pay attention:

This truck helps with music – "with sounds effects of cement mixer and (crunchiest) celery stalks":

Ladies falling for musical instruments:

If you put musical instruments "on ice" they will still work:

Space calling:

Guys are doing fine, too:


Time to get "Windows" 4.0 upgrade –

Cool repairs: