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New Hydrofoil & Submersible Concepts

Posted: February 22, 2008 in Future

Modern Italian Design + Great Efficiency

Guillermo Sureda-Burgos is a world-renowned stylist and designer,

who creates new concepts for underwater transportation devices,
as well
as some striking furniture & appliance designs.
He also teaches
advanced computer graphics in
the Industrial Design department of the
Art Institute Fort Lauderdale,
and the Canary Islands, Spain.

Hydrofoil Boat Concept

High Speed
Surface Craft. Modern concept for
an business jet alternative operating
on busy coastal areas,
serving four passengers.

aiming to replace business jet travel with his boat;
but in
recreational boating he is up against Pininfarina’s recent concept
Hydrofoil Sailing Yacht (reaching speed of 32 knots).
Read more info

Personal Submersible Vehicles

called "dry-pressurized" submarines have passenger
compartment separate
from the water and at sea level pressure;
the space between the vehicle
and the outer hydrodynamic skin floods
with seawater during submerged
operation. The submersible’s layout
is similar to the standard seating
arrangement of a passenger automobile.

XS100 Duo
seats two and XS100 Trio
seats three submariners.
The intended market would be luxury yacht and
resort owners,
those who are perhaps bored of a luxury yacht and
wanting to
try something new (the price of a 2 passenger model for
target depth 100 meters should be close to that of
a limited production
exotic sports car, i. e. around 400,000€.
With the larger production
numbers the price can come down to 150,000€).
The subs eye-catching
design seem to be firmly rooted in
the best of a Fin & Chrome style
of the 50s.

XS100 Duo Beta Personal Submersible:

XS100 Trio Alpha Personal Submersible:

the next personal submersible concept Guillermo thinks
of compementing
individual pressurized sub performance with
hydrofoil high-speed mode.
Definitely something to watch for!

Espresso Machines: Cutting-Edge Design

Guillermo Sureda-Burgos also designs very desirable espresso machines.
I definitely want one!

Plastica Model:

Aerodinamica Model:

Outfit your humble PC for world domination

computer "case modding" community has
some truly talented designers,
who are as passionate
about their PC cases, as MI6 wizards were about

James Bond killer gadgets. In some cases (pun intended),
the end
product has truly radical looks and some wicked innards
ready to
unleash a gamer’s fury upon the world…

Here is an update of what’s going on in Ukraine, for example:
DPK modding community 2007 competition entries:

"Virgil" by Valery Zhuk

"Age Reincarnation", by Alexander Kolesnikov

‘Mirtus Communicus" by Artem Novikov

"R2D14m" by Pavel Rafalovich

"Recycle Your Computer" by Alexey Chistov

"Me Lady" by Artem Zheleznyak

"Wheel Case" by Alexander Kolesnikov

mod by Alexander Brikov

"Charged!" by Alexey Chistov

mod by Vogdan Suk

On the other side of the ocean, American case-modders are going nuts, too:

Weapons of Mass Destruction can now be a feature of any office, if you so desire.
The whole project is documented here


via Gadgets Fosfor. They have another interesting weird mod list.

Probably the best case modding company

Best Case Scenario certainly rocks.
Here is the "Matrix Regenerator"
(there is something living inside of it…possibly)

They also have very cool Alien case mod

Fusion Mods has a nice thread devoted to this art:

Tumbler Batmobile PC:

Everybody has seen "The Microwave PC":

Neatorama has compiled the ultimate case mod catalog, featuring plenty of "household appliances" PC mods, for example. Some of my favorites:

"The Skeleton Case Mod":

best case is no case:

and Stained Glass computer case:

Pick up a pre-modded computer case.


Check out some photos from the recent Computer Case Mod Show: