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Again, Dubai

Posted: February 17, 2008 in Future

The tallest arch bridge in the world will be built in Dubai by 2012.

They do things differently in Dubai. They like their stuff bigger,
taller, and more expensive than anywhere else. So it only makes sense
that construction of the world’s tallest arch bridge begins next month.
The bridge will peak at 670 feet, have 12 lanes of traffic, and handle
up to 2,000 vehicles per hour. Scheduled completion is slated for 2012,
after $817 million in construction. Nice, Dubai, nice. You may soon own
almost every single Guinness World Record, but you won’t own one —
world’s biggest drinker. I own that one, and I won’t give it up easily.
As a matter of fact I already had a whole bottle of Jack Daniels for
breakfast. Literally, the whole bottle, glass and all. It’s gonna suck
to pass, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

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Spring 2008:

*Note: This list will continuously be updated as more premiere dates are announced…

Huge Off-Highway Road Trains

Posted: February 17, 2008 in Vehicles

This thing might even conquer the Moon, with little modification

Huge Road Train, led by two locomotives, described on this site, may have already become a reality – the ultra-powerful, gas-gobbling monstrosity, that only miniature train enthusiasts, apocalyptic cult followers and Mad Max movie sequel producers would love. United Arab Emirates once again set out to conquer Sahara wastes – this time with 3,700 camel (er…horse) power under each hood.

Conceived by the Emirates Truck Factory the huge road train can transport up to 2300 metric tons:

Each vehicle on the train has its own all-wheel-drive and all-wheel-steering by-wire – with the ability of some wheels (middle axle-lines) to be lifted during the empty haul.

– they can be used in two directions
– each truck has MULTIPLE engines, totalling up to 3700 hp.
– the road train uses electric drive system which is unique in the industry.
– apparently hooking up many trucks provides costs savings more than 25%

South African Road Transport Warriors

Miners in South Africa prefer to move loads not by rail (like in the USA, Germany, India and Japan), but – since they have huge open spaces – by means of the HUGE TRUCK TRAINS.

Looking like something out of a feverish Mad Max dream, these otherworldly centipedes are described here and here as a very capable set of machines:

in fact,
– 370 ton Siemens generator with a gross combination load of 860 tons
– five Ultra Pacific trucks in one line, giving 4000hp.
– Total length 160m.
– The heaviest load transported: 950 ton (tunnel boring machine)

They also have the largest trailer (with 338 wheels):

Classic Australian Road Trains

Traversing the (mostly deserted) route from Darwin to Adelaide in Southern Australia, these trains are often called "tyre kicker’s paradise". They often have more than 60 tyres, travel 3,000 km between destinations and look like they can eat your normal Peterbilt for breakfast.

Here is a glorified view of one of these proud haulers:

Heath Raymond thus describes the experience:

"Despite being limited to 100kmh, these Road Trains operate on desolate Highways (often single lane) that had unrestricted speed limits until July of 2007 (now 130kmh limit). Often the limiters are tampered with & passing one of these in the opposite direction is chilling enough. But when you get one that pulls out and overtakes you at 130kmh, that’s scary!

If you encounter one of these approaching from the opposite direction on a single lane highway such as the Barrier or Tanami, you’re left with two options. Pull over & out of there way & quickly, or put your head between your legs & kiss your ass goodbye! Because these things can’t & won’t swerve."

Nazis had a super-truck that nobody ever dreamed of

Well, the talented engineers in Nazi Germany had the supertruck / road-train territory covered, as well. The concept was quite powerful, even though half-realized. The data about these creatures is scarce, so any help is appreciated.

The modeling society at Militaar has come up with a miniature of this exceptional super-truck. Looks like it could easily go off-road even in Sahara territory.

Ladies & Robots

Posted: February 17, 2008 in ความบันเทิง

Good Girl Deserves a Good Robot for Herself

Something about a pretty girl in the company of an imposing robot spoke very dearly to the hearts of readers and movie-goers of the Fifties’ Space Era. Chrome was at the height of industrial fashion, and the curvy reflective plates of friendly (and not so friendly) robots played well against curvy shapes of the poster girls.

I planned to do this homage to the 50s style for some time, being partly inspired by illustrations from collectible science fiction pulp magazines, and partly by such sites as Fogonazos, or World of Kane with their own collections. So here is the first part of "Futuristic Ladies" post (the next one will feature space girls). Most images are promotional shots for the "Forbidden Planet" movie (1956) with Anne Francis, rare shots from various 60s TV series and, of course, art from vintage SF magazines.

Lady with… a diver. Same idea, though.


Ladies & Vintage Computers

Send us more pictures of this fascinating combination.

By the way, it all started in 1910, however they had typewriters instead of computers back then (see more here; some nsfw)


Pulp Art

Such masters as Virgil Finlay, Chesley Bonestell, Ed Emshwiller made reading SF magazines FUN in the 50s.


One modern example:

Today, only Japan seem to retain interest in robots+girls (with cultural references too numerous to mention)

The rest of the world is rather indifferent to this excellent vintage fashion. As this striking photograph says in its title: "The Party’s Over".

Some of them are able to send us into outer space with joy

A woman may have been created from Adam’s rib down on planet Earth, but her charms will certainly follow man into outer space, making her the most utterly irresistible creature in this Galaxy and beyond (some alien monstrosities may disagree).

Looking toward a wonderful bit of Valentine’s romance, we just can’t help but celebrate the cosmological curves and stellar eyelashes that some (retro) future ladies possess. May we all live long and prosper with the beauties like these:

– definitely from the French corner of the Universe

Jane Fonda playing Barbarella in the 1968 movie of the same title seems equally comfortable and enchanting in furs, as well as in spacesuits (and out of them, we have to add, fondly remembering the movie’s opening scene). This feline barbarian purrs from the screen in a typical French fashion, amid French-designed sets and psychedelic decorations.

The plot and movie dialogues are mind-numbingly cheesy & primitive, yet nobody seems to mind: the viewers did not care much in the 60s and most don’t care to dissect it critically today. Like they say, "this movie has a cult following".

Here is why:

Some cool music connections:
David Gilmour (of the future Pink Floyd fame) participated in recording the film’s original score.

The film’s scientist character inspired the 80s famous group to call themselves Duran Duran.

The Great Tyrant in the movie calls her "Pretty-pretty", as in "So, my pretty-pretty; we meet again." That line should’ve been in Austin Powers, for sure.

Interesting design sets:

"That thing you do!" –

There are rumors of Kate Beckinsale being approached for the big-budget remake of Barbarella. Hopefully, they are going to use French designers for the movie’s look, too.

Honorable mentions

This section will be expanded. Please send us the movies & actresses worth mentioning.

"The Green Slime" 1968 movie:

More from the 1970 "UFO" British TV science fiction series:

German 1966 TV show "Raumpatrouille Orion" ("Space Patrol Orion") –

Russian movie "Bolshoe Kosmicheskoe Puteshestvie" 1974
("Grand Space Voyage") with Mila Berlinskaya as a teenage astronaut:

Modern-style space girl, drawn by the extremely talented artist Juan Gimenez:

(image credit: Juan Gimenez)

Think you can’t find beauty in a bank? Think again. The Dexia Tower, located in Brussels, embodies just that. Thanks to the creativity of LAb[au], a Belgium based digital design lab, the Dexia Tower has become infinitely more than just a home for paperwork and numbers.

The tower itself went up in 2006, and since then has been host to a
variety of fantastic light shows. The third tallest building in
Brussels has a lot more going for it than just height, however: Of the
building’s 6000 windows, 4200 of them contain an installation of 12
light bulbs, each housing 3 LED’s (a green, blue and red) that can be
combined to form a complete palette of color. The result is a
tremendous canvas that can display anything from letters to geometric
designs. Seem wasteful? It isn’t –recent tests show that the tower uses
1/3 of the electricity that Paris’ famed Eiffel Tower uses, thanks to a
highly efficient energy saving LED lighting system.


The tower is currently exhibiting a show called “Who’s afraid of Red, Green and Blue?”
which is shown in the picture above. In a two month collaboration with
the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, the tower exhibits the
temperature of the following day using color. The color code follows a
naturally coordinating scale, with violet symbolizing -6° or colder and
warming through the color spectrum, red being at the opposite end and
symbolizing +6° or warmer. The result is beauty with something useful
below the surface, and while there is much to be said for beauty and
art all on their own, the function of the Dexia Tower’s current show
lends a lovely depth to the spectacle. Hit the link below to see this
stunning exhibit in action.

To create this effect, all blinds must be closed on the tower, as the
LEDs are not capable of lighting the facade alone. It is actually the
reflection on the closed blind that lights up the window. The entire
lighting system is controlled by a computer. The key to making the
entire display flow is that some things are only visible when certain
windows are lit in certain colors. Each of the windows can be
illuminated completely individually and in any color, which is a large
part of what makes the Dexia Tower so brilliant.

In 2006, the Dexia Tower hosted another dynamic exhibit called Touch.
Called an “interactive light game” and developed by LAb[au], this
feature allowed visitors to use a touch screen to project geometrical
shapes on the tower for a few moments and then send the image of their
personalized design to themselves via email. The exhibit earned the
tower tremendous recognition and it was mentioned on hundreds of
websites thereafter.

Per the Dexia Tower website: “The system recognizes both static
(touch) and dynamic (gesture) input to generate an elementary graphical
lexicon of points, lines and surfaces. These are combined with physical
behavioral movements (growth, weight…) and use a monochrome color
palette (background) combined with black and white (graphics). The
design of the interactive station is, like the project in general,
based on the idea of the folding and unfolding of space. Time and space
are combined into a dynamic and sequential concept of interactive

More pictures of the Dexia Tower






Beauty of Math!

Posted: February 17, 2008 in WEIRD

Beauty of Math!                                                   

1 x 8 + 1 = 9
12 x 8 + 2 = 98
123 x 8 + 3 = 987
1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876
12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765
123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654
1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543
12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432
123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111
123456789 x 9 +10= 1111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88
98 x 9 + 6 = 888
987 x 9 + 5 = 8888
9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888
98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888
987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888
9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888
98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

Brilliant, isn’t it?

And look at this symmetry:

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111=123456789 87654321

Now, take a look at this…


From a strictly mathematical viewpoint:

What Equals 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more
than 100%?

We have all been in situations where someone wants you to

How about ACHIEVING 101%?

What equals 100% in life?

Here’s a little mathematical formula that might help answer
these questions:



Is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26.


H-A-R-D-W-O- R- K

8+1+18+4+23+ 15+18+11 = 98%


K-N-O-W-L-E- D-G-E

11+14+15+23+ 12+5+4+7+ 5 = 96%


A-T-T-I-T-U- D-E

1+20+20+9+20+ 21+4+5 = 100%

THEN, look how far the love of God will take you:


12+15+22+5+15+ 6+7+15+4 = 101%

Therefore, one can conclude with mathematical certainty

While Hard Work and Knowledge will get you close, and
Attitude will
get you there, It’s the Love of God that will put you over
the top!

It’s up to you if you share this with your friends & loved
ones just
the way I did.

"With God ALL things are POSSIBLE"!