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The Super Bowl wasn’t the only testosterone fest this Sunday as one of
the largest gun shows in the country, SHOT, visited Las Vegas. Check
out automatic rifles, fiber-optic sights, designer pepper spray and
more as we transport you to survivalist paradise.

Aimpoint’s concealed engagement system allows a shooter to look around
corners without being exposed. Model Angela Jennings was on hand to
answer questions while looking a bit exposed herself.

Susan Sodoma and her husband, Peter, admire FNH USA’s new Special
Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR). Sodoma, who is the 2001
Utah women’s trapshooting state champion, said, "It’s just precision.
It’s an awesome gun." The couple, who both work for Browning, admit
they love all guns. "If it’s got a trigger and ammo comes out of it,
we’re into it," she said. The SCAR was custom designed for U.S. Special
Forces requirements and is in the end-phase of testing. It will be
delivered for operational use in the next few months.

On display are US Night Vision’s PVS-7 Ultra Generation 3 Night Vision
Goggles. "For our applications it saves lives, is durable and unique,"
said the company’s sales and marketing manager, Matt Johnson.

Yella, star of Ducks Unlimited’s Waterdog, lures conference-goers to
the Dogtra electronic-collars booth. "Our collars have a variable
intensity rheostat so you can perfectly match the disposition of the
dog to the collar. Its primary use is for training," Pat Nolan, a
professional dog trainer, said.

These Apex archery sights by Truglo use fiber-optic pins and retail for around $100.

The new ASP line of Palm Defender series pepper-spray dispensers are
decorated with Swarovski crystals. "Most women walk by and go, ‘Oh,
Swarovski crystal!’ and just go gaga over them," Bruce McAlpine said.

Made of machined aluminum and featuring steel-ring-tipped ends capable
of busting safety glass, FNH USA’s flashlights catch convention-goers’

Restricted to selling to the DefenseDepartment, BE Meyers’ LA-4/PEQ
green infrared illuminator pointer can identify a target 67 km away and
sells for $12,000. "The military guys coming through are like, ‘That’s
the ****!’" business development manager Clint Meyers said. The pointer
is displayed in front of a 50-caliber machine gun mounted with a
targeting system.

With the newest assault rifles on display across from it, a collection
of impact-delivering weapons stands alone at the booth of FNH USA.

Retailing for around $400, Stealth Cam’s Infrared Digital Video camera allows for night filming.

The SHOT Show is at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Saturday, Feb. 2, to Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008.