Shana, Flame Haze Pics

Posted: November 30, 2007 in Anime Girls, Comic, Cool, Model World

It’s been a while and Shana isn’t really the patient type,
especially when that dopey guy she’s obsessed with isn’t around. I ask
if I’m allowed to use any unrestricted methods to snap these pictures
of her to add some furi kuri to the whole shebang, but no. Twenty
shut-ups later we had a good time shooting. Pissing Shana off like that
just makes her hair glow like fire. Some people just need a little bit
of prodding to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Shana 02
Larger View

Shana Flame Haze
Larger View

Shana Closeup 02
Larger View

Review of Shana from Max Factory

Finally, a Shana figure I really dig. There’s three things that make
this Shana figure from Max Factory all sorts of good. One, it’s the
hair, long, flowing, and glowing like embers. Two, I like my Shana all
sassy like a Flame Haze should be and this figure has Shana ready to
kick ass. Three, wow that skirt is short.

Normally, I find the cast off feature a total waste of a gimmick, but a combination of the stylized Ito proportions on the character design and the way the figure is constructed, the figure actually looks okay for the pervy peekaboo. Max Factory hears the cry and comes ever closer to reaching that goal. The skirt is so short that it really doesn’t make that much of a difference off or on.

Max Factory ships our Flame Haze with a plain black peg base, which
continues the annoying trend of a two and one peg layout — i.e., even
though the pose has both feet flat on the base, only one of them gets
two pegs for support. Like do they think we won’t be able to figure out which peg goes where if they did a two and two peg layout? The other small gripe is the paint on her stomach isn’t smooth, but these paint snots luckily are right where the waistband of her skirt rests and can’t be seen unless I decide go all dirtbag and display her without her skirt, which won’t happen.

Anyway, the figure is as good as I thought it would be.

Even though the picture below shows her standing without the base, Shana can’t stand on a flat surface. I’ve got her on an incline, so she’s really leaning forward about ten degrees to counter the weight of her hair.

Larger View

Shana's Flame Hair
Larger View

Flame Haze
Larger View

Shana Closeup
Larger View

Panty Flame Haze
Larger View

Panty Haze
Larger View

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