Airplane Oops! Situations

Posted: November 27, 2007 in AVIATION

Better on the ground than in the airShort of the actual
crash, most of the accidents depicted here occurred without loss of human life, and thus can be described as “Oops”. There is a site “Aviation Safety”
where many troublesome situations are listed and discussed, with full background information for each. What you will see here is a collection of images from various such occasions, sent to us by readers who found them or even witnessed the events.

On the Ground
The hazards start while the plane is still on the runway. Most of the time
they are results of the “reckless driving” of the taxiing & service

Plane chopped by the propeller of another plane:


It does not help if there are some potholes on the runway: (plus a bunch of construction equipment)

or a huge snake:

Containers are not a good thing to digest:

Bizarre vintage service vehicle from Russia:

Asleep at the wheel?

In the Air
All tangled up…

Famous occasion of the cargo doors opening in the middle of a flight:
(never a good thing, read for example this account)

Strange Landings

One-Wing Landing!

Hairy Landing on Ice:

Landing on a street somewhere in Russia? I can hardly believe it. Must be an abandoned plane.

The thrill of Photoshop:

and a real deal….

Washed ashore…

Accidents Waiting to Happen

This chopper stunt seem to be quite common at Russian airshows.

I wonder if it’s really dangerous…

This is just an illusion of imminent collision, though:

Not an accident, but judging by the size of this engine, anybody coming close should be very, very careful:

Real Deal Catastrophic Events:

Don’t want to be anywhere near these occasions…

Parking can be a problem, even for airplanes

Whatever you do, keep away from my van!in
1983 Royal Navy’s “Sea Harrier” fighter-bomber was forced to make an
emergency landing on a small Spanish freighter, “Alraigo.” These
pictures were taken at the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where the
captain of the boat refused to hand over the plane: he got quite
annoyed that the pilot chose to land on his van:

On the Ground

Lost it somewhere:

Impaled by F-16 (barely missed the rockets) –

What’s this between buses & airplanes?
(there are plenty of pics of them “kissing” each other) –

Korean Air Cargo (over)loaded in Miami airport:

I wonder what happened here:
(did he try to flap his wings?)

Must be good brakes:

For perhaps the most extreme take off, watch this video of Congo pilots taking off small road with a nice turn in there, for added excitement!

In the Air

Indecent exposure:

Extreme encounters with birds:

Boeing 737 front damage:

Bird in the engine:

Also read this hair-raising account
of British military plane fying through a dense flock of Canadian
geese. “After the accident 77 dead birds were found on or near the
runway. It is not known how many others were ingested by the aircraft

Break-up in the air

Air Force animated reconstruction of the in-flight structural failure
of a F-15C in November, 2007 (caused by fatigue cracking of a forward
fuselage longeron), The crash occured near Salem, Mo. during training

pilot managed to eject, so there were no casualities, but US Air Force
initiated investigation, in the meantime grounding all F-15 planes. The
military currently seeks to replace all of its aging F-15s.

Here is where the fatigue cracks occurred:

More “jumping ship”, from Russia this time –

Strange Landings

Famous “Jet Blue” incident.
“The front landing gear was turned around 90 degrees and couldn’t be
retracted. The pilot had to circle the airport for two hours to burn up
fuel so that the plane was less likely to catch on fire when it landed.
Meanwhile, passengers were able to watch live news coverage of the
ordeal on in-flight TV.”

Front landing gear seems to be a frequent “Achilles’ heel” of aviation:

Just don’t try to lift it up by yourself:

This flying machine seems to be better equipped for landings:

Military is not immune to botched landings:

He made it home! (I wonder what he hit) –

Overshooting the deck –

Entangled (good catch!) –

I wonder if they were able to lift this jet up? –

This picture seems to be the test explosion of a bomb during landing:

A chunk “eaten” off

In Pointe Noire, Congo, Russian AN-12 plane wandered off the landing strip during landing, slicing a few planes in the meantime:
them Being 727 from truly bizarre African “Canadian Airways Congo”
airline). Two pilots of AN-12 were injured. I just hope nobody was in
the fron compartment.

Crosswind approaches

You probably have seen the classic “near crash” landing (see here)
that occcured recently in Hamburg. However, the following video shows
very skillful piloting by canadian pilots of A319 during a particularly
strong wind conditions in Montreal:, some unexplained shots:

How did this happen?

Fill’er up! –

Could it be a shot from some movie? –

In-flight maintenance? –

Maybe the cause of all mechanical trouble is the kind of tech support some airlines hire? –

If all else fails, try to repaint your plane:

or change (fix) your signage:

No real trouble, just a stunt flying… pretty hairy sometimes –

PronAir Boeing 747 radical lift-off:

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